From Ireland to Austria Series: American and Russian Tension Rise

From Ireland to Austria Series: American and Russian Tension Rise

This is from a series originally posted on my original blog: Seefahrer Thayer. While I don't recommend it, you can view the original posts here. Because the content had value and useful tips I've decided to repost them here, however, they've since been heavily edited and updated.

So I had a dorm room last night with a group of Canadians, two girls sbd two boys. They seem nice but aren't social, they don't talk to me all the times they're around me. But it also turned out I'm in a room with two young Russian girls.

Well, my train left at 6:20 this morning. My hostel was directly outside the train station, so I only had to wake up around 5:30. I told the Canadians because the Russians weren't around all day then I settled into bed around 10 PM. The Canadians were just getting in, so I talked with them for a few minutes then pulled out my headphones and went to sleep. I'll guess they went to sleep around 11:00, but I never really heard them. 

Well, at 12:25 the Russians come home. They turn on the light and say "sorry," seeing there's five people asleep in their room, but leave the light on anyway. We all wake up and make suggestive groans that they should turn the lights off. While talking and squealing excitedly they run out of the room, and down the stairs leaving the light on sbd the door open. I get up to turn off the light and consider jamming something under the door so they can't come in (but I behaved).

One of the girls thanked me and we exchanged headshakes and eye rolls, and I lay back down. They come back 10 minutes later. They noisily walk and talk about the room, with total disregard for anyone. I sit up in bed and watch them. Just watched them so maybe they'd get the idea to shut up and go to bed. Of course, they don't.

I decide maybe I'll tell them "five minutes before I disassemble the light fixture". Instead, I get up and see they're both sitting on their beds staring into their glowing cellular boxes. I shut the light off. My blood was boiling. I couldn't believe they were so inconsiderate.

I don't mind people coming in late, it's fine if I get woken up by people obviously attempting to make a quiet entrance or exit. But you could tell they were used to the world revolving around them. They were pretty girls, and I can only surmise they were doing well with just being that, because there was no display of brains and conduct.

They also had plenty of light to see by. When they were gone for those gloriously quiet ten minutes I lay in bed, stewing in anger and disbelief while my eyes readjusted to the darkness. I could read a book with the light that came in from the street.

I caught a train to Limerick, to make a connection to Waterford. This morning at the station though, I actually saw some friendliness at Galway. While no one else talked to or really greeted me (most of my time there), the attendant got me coffee and a chocolate muffin. That's the Irish hospitality I'm used to, and I missed terribly in Galway. I had some terrible food (the worst meal I've paid €12 for), I think I got ripped off on a converter, and there was no one friendly to make it easier. I'm excited to start out in a new town, it looks like it might be a pretty day, if it's warmer down there I may try to get to the beach

I've also included a map, for those of you that've been too lazy to look up the areas I've been talking about.

From Ireland to Austria Series: Everyone Take a Step Back, I'm About to Go Coastal

From Ireland to Austria Series: Everyone Take a Step Back, I'm About to Go Coastal

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa