Every Day Can't Be a Whirlwind of Excitement

This is from a series originally posted on my original blog: Seefahrer Thayer. While I don't recommend it, you can view the original posts here. Because the content had value and useful tips I've decided to repost them here, however, they've since been heavily edited and updated.

Since I got here almost a week ago, I've had nothing but fun. I've not spent more than a few hours alone (except last night when I was flooding my blog, and the few hours I slept after). Every other day I've had wonderful company just about every moment of the day. Today was not one of those days.

I haven't even spoken a word aloud since lunch. 

It's been a bit of a wash of a day, but it's given me a chance to relax and catch up with family and friends, and look back at the wonderful fun I've had so far as I uploaded all my pictures. It's a good thing nothing exciting occurred today because the worst thing possible happened... I ran out of memory on my camera. I took about 1500 pictures, but I forgot I still had about 1000 old ones still on there. I'm going to need a new computer just to hold my Europe pictures...

Anyway, my dad pointed out slower days makes you appreciate the more exciting ones, and it makes them all the better, and I guess he's right.

I'm gonna call it an early night, I'm getting the first train out of town tomorrow morning at 6:20 (get me outta here).

I'll just lay in my bed listening to "what do you do with a drunken sailor" from my open window.

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa

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From Ireland to Austria Series: Oh Galway...